List of 2021 speakers

Johannes ATTEMS (Newcastle, UK)

“Tau in ageing/ AD/ PART and frontotemporal lobar degeneration”

Marc DHENAIN (Paris, France)

Induction of tau lesions in amyloid-bearing mice and in primates after inoculation of Alzheimer brain extracts

Karen DUFF (London, UK)

New cell model for FTD tauopathy

Isidro FERRER (Barcelona, Spain)

Importance of host tau in tau seeding and spreading in tauopathies

Yann FICHOU (Bordeaux, France)

Tau intertwines with cofactors: how it modulates complex phase separation, oligomerization & aggregation properties

Michel GOEDERT (Cambridge, UK)

Cryo-EM structures of amyloid filaments from human brain

Illana GOZES (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Novel insights to ADNP/NAP/Tau-protein interactions dictating brain development and aging

Diane HANGER (London, UK)

Truncated tau as a model of human tauopathy

Michael HENEKA (Bonn, Germany)

How microglia modulate tau pathology

David HOLTZMAN (Saint Louis, MO, USA)

Title to come

Celeste KARCH (Saint Louis, MO, USA)

Molecular and cellular drivers of tauopathycome

Kenneth KOSIK (Santa Barbara, CA, USA)

A Rite of Passage: Tau’s Route Between And Within Cells

Isabelle LANDRIEU (Lille, France)

Single domain antibody fragments: new tools for studying Tau as a target for therapy

Eckhard MANDELKOW (Bonn, Germany)

Recent insights into Tau seeding and phosphorylation

Amrit MUDHER (Southampton, UK)

“Tau aggregation and spread of pathology in Drosophila melanogaster”

Anne ROVELET-LECRUX (Rouen, France)

Clinical and neuropathological diversity of tauopathy in MAPT duplication carrierss

Susanne WEGMANN (Berlin, Germany)

“Condensating  the interactions of Tau”